• How To Build A Brand For Your Blog Through Blog Comments

    One of the most important things that your online business needs is a brand, not every brand needs a strong brand.

    There are many ways to build a great brand, but in this post I will talk about one of the easiest and most effective ways you can use to build a great brand for your blog and your online business.

    Comments on blogs can be used in many ways, can be used to get high quality traffic to your Web site and, most importantly, can be used to build and strengthen a brand for your business website.

    How to build a brand for your blog through blog comments?

    1. Use an avatar: By this many people is wrong, use an avatar is important when trying to build a great brand for your business through the comments. Some people do not look too much on the commenters, however, if you use an avatar, when you read the comments and see what other blogs you'll want to know more about you.

    WordPress has a default avatar, but it too is not seen and certainly the most suitable. You can make your own avatar at, you could use the image of your company or your blog but it is very important to decide which you will use, because walking avatar changing could have a negative effect on your brand.
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    2. Use your name: This is common sense, but many people do not. I do not know when it started assigning people names like "web design" or "seo spain".

    Because it's your brand, people want to deal with real people and not keywords. Imagine the blogger or a commenter if in answer to your comment, you going to answer you or a keyword? The mark, in large measure, based on communication and if you do not do everything possible to provide it, then ignore the importance of having a brand.

    The way you make comments, this will greatly affect your brand. If you use keywords as name, just make you look unprofessional and real people do not want to work with you.

    3. Sensible comment: I find no reason to make comments like "Great post, thanks." You're making a comment that adds nothing, commenting for commenting, saying it is a great post, but the author already know that your post is good.

    There is nothing wrong with doing an author know your post is good, but in doing so, you must give the author the reasons why your post is good, because this is the main reason why we have a comments section .

    4. Generate debate and participation: The participation provoke further discussion and comment, will have greater impact on your brand.

    If your comment is able to cause a big debate or awaken something in them, will surely want to know more about you, you write, what's your blog, and so on.

    5. Build relationships: Many people think that the comments on the blog only serve to get traffic, but one of the best things you can get a blog commenting is to establish relationships. The type of relationship you establish with people in the comments section of another blog, make a difference.

    You may be thinking that this does not make sense if readers do not buy, but what if you get you recommend? You'd be getting more customers!

    If you can build a good relationship through the comments section, either readers or bloggers could get his recommendation for your blog and thus attract more visitors

    6. Be Professional: This is very important, it is worth keeping this in mind. The professionalism makes the difference, for example, two people made a comment. You can see his comments below.

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  • 3 Steps To Increase The Visibility Of Your Blog On The Search Engines

    WordPress is a platform that is easy to use for beginners, but has the ability to function as a well oiled machine in terms of their ability to optimize the search engines. As such, the platform itself has very little functionality compared to SEO when you use the default, which means you have to do some changes first for a blog is optimized for search engines.

    This is quite surprising considering that it is becoming the online platform used to publish more articles. Let's start with some basics for our wordpress blog with a view to improve its optimization for search engines. The plugins are essential, and there are many to choose from. The most basic of all is the plugin plugins SEO meta data, much in the line of All In One SEO or SEO Yoast. Both plugins are free, and allow you to use custom titles, descriptions and all its contents. These are the function of displaying the data that search engines show you when a user searches keyword terms, this is of vital importance.
    Blog as a graph
    Then another essential aspect in the optimization of the blog is a plugin that will generate an XML sitemap, better known as sitemap, so you can send it to Google Webmaster Tools. This ensures that Google can always be aware of what is happening with your website, and can be indexed accordingly.

    This next point is not entirely related to a plugin, as more related to the functionality found in talking WordPress.Estoy options to configure the default Wordpress Permalinks.En brings the structure of links to a URL not recommended for SEO. It is rich in keywords and provides no benefit at all in the search engines when it comes to competing for the attention of those people who may be looking for your content. The key here is to select a permanent link structure you will use the title of each post, because with this we have the option of integrating the keywords in the URL, making them much more optimized for the search.

    I could go on for much longer plugins and writing about the different features of WordPress that can be used to our advantage to make a blog more search engine friendly, but then have to write a book with many pages to explain everything in detail. What I recommend is to create a blog with the optimal settings, which I have described here, then, after having optimized the blog from the inside, we can write quality articles with useful information for visiting our blog, and a previous study of the keywords, density, etc., to bring it back to something in the search engines.

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  • How long is ideal for a blog post?

    Writing for the Internet is very different from writing for print media.

    Print media are limited by a physical environment that has to be fixed by the writer, for example, a fixed-width column of a newspaper, or a number of pages to fill.

    This is liberating for the writer, but daunting at the same time - how do you know when to stop?

    When you write articles for the Internet, must adhere to certain minimum and maximum number of words.

    So what is the ideal length?

    Too short and readers have finished in the blink of an eye - and if they are too many words can you leave your audience before reaching the final paragraph.

    Learning from examples

    What we can do is look at prevailing trends of the different blogs on various topics.
    Blog Consultoria
    The typical reader of blogs has a fixed attention span (and unfortunately short), but items may require a variety of message lengths, depending on the topic.

    Statistics have shown that the average Internet user does not stay more than 30 seconds per item in a blog. If that's the case, then an article which has between 400 and 600 words, fits perfectly

    It is not just a question of quality, coupled with the quality and quantity. You're a good writer if he can only express what to say with an exact number of words.

    Blogs devoted to content dominated by images, videos, audios, etc, as well as blogs dedicated to celebrity gossip, articles are concise.

    At the other end of the spectrum, there is a distinctive jump in the length of words for some blogs - in these cases usually is a transition between writing for the entertainment to the writing of consultation with the transition is the possibility of publishing articles much greater length, without the fear of losing interest.

    Therefore, this raises the question, for an article to be considered "ideal" should be written to comply with a specific length?

    Definitely not. The absence of a limit imposed on a blog post, it means that your theme can be developed in as many words as you want.

    If your theme requires it, you can write in-depth articles with 5000 words. If you are aiming at a more relaxed and enjoyable reading, it may be worthwhile to note that the most popular blogs have an average words per article de100 A250.

    An article must be as long as necessary to convey your message.

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  • Super 8 Tactics To Make Money With Your Blog

    Want to make money with your blog? then pay attention to the next article.

    In recent years the proliferation of blogs has become so massive that práciticamente everyone has a blog.

    A blog is a virtual space where people dump part of their personality and their interests in it, there are some very successful blogs that have a large number of followers.

    But, is it cost effective to have a blog? Yes and no, actually it depends on many factors, but it is an easier platform to create and build a profitable site. Everything is in focus you give it.

    Here the investigation of niche markets is a fundamental piece, and the gold digging keywords.
    How to make money with your blog?
    I blog...
    There are many ways to make money with your blog, however, we will mention a few.

    Adsense - The first and most popular way to make money with your blog is with Google's contextual ads are the most used within the bloggers, is advertising that appear on your blog, if someone clicks on one of them you have a small compensation.

    Banners - You can make money with your blog 'renting' space on your site to place ads, the more popular your blog, more expensive it will publish it.

    Affiliate Banners - are affiliated product ads where if someone buys through that banner, you receive a commission on that sale this is a very cost effective way to make money with your blog.

    - notices where you are paid every time someone takes some action such as filling out a form or take a trial period.

    Product Review - this is one of the most profitable ways to make money with your blog. You choose a product in your niche and do a review of it, say the pros and cons you have and put your affiliate link.

    Content Partners - another of the stars of blogging through your niche relevant content for you 'pre heated' the reader to finally 'recommend' a niche affiliate product.

    Pay Per Post - There are places where you can be hired to write a review of a product in your blog. This is different from the content and review affiliate products because here we paid in advance and receive no sales commission.

    Blog Flipping - This is a very basic concept and a good way to make money with your blog. The process is simple, create a blog, you add content, drive traffic to your blog and then sell it. There are people who make their living quite comfortably with this system, there are sites that can be sold from $ 20 to $ 5000 or more.

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  • Make Money With A Blog

    Providing quality content is a great way to start earning money with a blog, but obviously will not get the income you want. To make a blog profitable, you must have an appropriate promotion strategy for your blog, here are some useful ways you can use to promote your blog.

    Social Media

    Promote your blog on social networks can be very useful for generating traffic to your blog. Twitter is one of the best marketing tools in social media. For best results with Twitter, trying to mix your promotional links with personal messages. Other useful tools include FriendFeed and Plurk. You should also use social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and Diigo.

    Posting on forums related to your topic can be an effective strategy for promoting blogs. Depending on where you can find many forums to promote your blog. Try to give useful answers to questions from other forum members. Most forums will provide a resource box for each message so you can promote your blog. As you increase your reputation in a forum, more people will recognize as an authority on the issue and follow its advice and recommendations.

    Article Directory

    Writing articles for submission to article directories is a method that many webmasters use today. Using keywords in your articles, is a very effective strategy when it comes to upload your articles to directories, as these words are highly sought after by people in search engines, plus it also helps your item is located in a good position in the ranking of search engines. Most article directories have a resource box in which you can place a link to your blog. Some of the major article directories are,,, etc..

    Within the Blog Promotion

    Along with the promotion beyond the blog, you should also consider promoting the blog. Promotion in the site means to find your blog entries that can be linked to other post in your blog. If the reader finds a post of interest, he or she, if you wish, you can read more information related to the topic in his blog. So take the time to create internal links in order to keep you as long as possible within your blog.


    Another strategy to promote your blog post is to comment on other blogs. When commenting, make sure your comment is relevant to the post and useful to readers. After commenting on the subject, can provide a link for readers who want to learn more are directed to your blog. Remember, posting irrelevant comments on the blog of others, just be a waste of time because it is likely that these comments end up trashed.

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